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Specialized optician in Ljubljana

From the very beginning, the Optician Moj Optik has been committed to the highest quality in eye optics and eye care.

Moj Optik offers a professionally qualified team of opticians and optometrists, precise manufacture of glasses, and a wide selection of trendy frames and contact lenses. Optician Moj Optik Ljubljana was among the first opticians in Slovenia who performed eye examinations for spectacles and contact lenses with a UK-registered optometrist.

We believe that every individual deserves an individualised treatment, and we therefore try to help sharpen and embellish the view of the world. Our vision is to give each individual the best care, because we want to improve their vision. Because we know that improved vision leads to a better life.

Visit us at Zupančičeva jama in Ljubljana and we will take time for you and your vision.

Where are we?

Moj Optik Optika Ljubljana
Železna cesta 10c, Zupančičeva jama, Ljubljana


Our optician said, Every person is an individual, with a different job and hobbies. We always try to adapt these guidelines, because we want our patients to have good spectacles and high quality gadgets that will serve their purpose, and which they will enjoy using.”

Basic information


Optika Moj Optik
Železna cesta 10c
1000 Ljubljana

Contact us on

M: +386 (0) 31 687 565
T: +386 59 012 722
E: info@mojoptik.si

Opening hours

Monday – Friday
9:00 – 17:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays closed

Eye examination every Wednesday!

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